‘Andrew was really helpful throughout our therapy, helping me explore and address internal conflicts and improve my self-confidence. This helped me enormously to improve both my profesional and personal relationships at a point when I was going through a difficult time with my partner.’

Paul (36) – 2018.


‘My sessions with Andrew have helped me think differently about my life. I have moved on, positive and refreshed, now able to better understand my authentic self. I now have ways to tackle problems I might have (for me, feeling ‘stuck’) and can look to a future that seems fulfilling and whole. I would highly recommend Andrew in any instance.’

David (37) – 2017.


‘I came to Andrew after years of mental health issues and sporadic therapy. He created a warm and trusting environment and took extreme care in working with me around sensitive issues. Andrew made me feel incredibly engaged in my own therapy and recovery by continuously adapting his approach and methods until we found a way forward that really suited me.

With consistency and dedication, his sessions have supported me in building a better, healthier life, that I could not have dreamt of when I first phoned him for a booking. A million thanks.’

Louise (26) – 2017.


‘When I came to see Andrew I was dubious about whether or not he could help me since I believed my spiritual practice would ultimately help me deal with the forgiveness issues I was facing.  However, through his sensitive, caring and professional approach, he helped me to engage with the deep-set pain which lay at the root of my issues. Andrew knew just how much, and in what ways, to challenge me and I cannot recommend him highly enough.’

Sarah (50) – 2017.



*Real names have not been used.