How do you work?
I aim to create a warm client relationship based on trust and respect. My training was in integrative transpersonal psychotherapy, meaning I take a holistic outlook to wellbeing, advocating the benefit of looking at a life from psychological, emotional, physical and social perspectives. This training was grounded in the psychodynamic, person-centred and Jungian traditions.

How often will I need to come to therapy?
Meeting once a week is usual, but sometimes it is helpful to come twice a week for a time, and if that is the case we will discuss it and agree what works.

What happens in a psychotherapy session?
In a quiet room we will sit and talk, exploring current experiences, memories, dreams and fantasies. Attention will focus on where challenges emerge, as these will often signpost where attention needs to be brought in order to create change. Difficult feelings lead to a sense of letting go and a greater openness to more forward.

Are you regulated by a professional body?
I am registered with UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) and work within the ethical codes of the BACP.

Are you in personal therapy yourself?
Yes. Personal therapy has shown me that change often comes about in mysterious and unexpected ways. My awareness of this helps me to open clients up to this possibility.

What supervision do you undertake?
Supervision is a hugely important part of being a psychotherapist. It is vital to safe and ethical working. I attend weekly supervision a supervisor. These confidential sessions allow me to share my reflections on client work and receive constructive feedback.

Do you have a cancellation charge for missed sessions?
Yes, I require a week’s notice for all cancellations. It is important that our work takes place regularly and at the same time and place.